Scotsman Games review: FIFA 14, Playstation 4


THE raw power of a new generation of Fifa 14 Coins consoles always takes time to be fully harnessed by developers. In some cases, it can take two years into a machine’s life cycle before its capabilities manifest themselves through graphical fidelity capable of dropping jaws.

Review: FIFA 14 – Playstation 4 (reviewed) / Xbox One

Score: 8.4 / 10

The first weeks and months, by contrast, usher in games with incremental improvements on what has gone before, hinting here and there at a glorious future.

There can be few better series to exploit this trend than FIFA, a title which began life as an isometric portrayal of the beautiful game only to gradually morph into a swaggering simulation of huge ambition over the course of the following two decades. Since its release in September, the latest version has proved to be the most accomplished yet, having undergone the now annual tinkering to its player physics and control system.

Stands apart from 360 and PS3

The jump to next-gen grasps this process of refinement and stands apart from its Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 predecessors. Visually, the franchise’s Playstation 4 debut is a delight, with fluid and intuitive player animations realised by EA Canada’s new Ignite engine. In one on one situations, where you are reliant on mastering close control and reading the movements of an opposing defender, these improvements go beyond cosmetic and actually aid play.

Ignite’s full might is evident in the smallest details. Shirts and shorts ripple in the wind, effects largely lost during play, but which raise a smile during action replays, with the 1080p resolution revealed in its full glory. The most atmospheric additions, however, come not on the pitch, but the periphery. Where once spectators resembled rows of puppets on a string, rising and falling as one, the crowd is more dynamic and responsive, with the odd lone fan standing up, in all probability to hurl abuse at the officials.


Other details, too, pop out. When taking a corner in some stadia, a phalanx of press photographers in fluorescent bibs hunch down by the billboards. It is the sort of addition which may not add anything to the gameplay itself, but improves immeasurably upon the immersion EA has been striving towards in recent years.

Helpfully, the transition between generations is made easier thanks to transferable game files for long-established modes such as Career and Ultimate Team, although not every option has made the leap, with the likes of Be A Pro failing the make the cut, presumably due to the tight turnaround to include it as a launch title.

Such regressive steps jars with the forward-looking aspects found elsewhere, and it is to be hoped they are restored courtesy of a patch. Even so, they should not discourage fans of the series from upgrading. It is a game, much like the sport it is based on, where the smallest margins count. It may not deliver miracles, and offers mainly aesthetic arguments in favour of purchasing the next-gen version. Be in no doubt, however – if you are looking for the best simulation of football, FIFA 14 is it.

Architecture Painting: Learning through Online Classes


Before, architecture painting is only learned when such school or university offers it as a class subject or course. With the kind of teachings that most schools offer, it normally takes time, effort and money out from students in order to properly learn a thing or two about this certain painting style. To make things a bit difficult, anyone who is interested on learning architecture painting may need to pass a certain entrance exam held by schools just to determine if the aptitude of such student fits well into such course or subject. Because of this fact, not all who are interested to learn such painting style is given the privilege to have the proper schooling that they need.

But as the internet and technology continues to progress into something bigger, so is the rise of architecture painting online. For those who do not have a clue on what is an architecture painting online, it is a kind of online schooling for those who wants to learn the basics on creating an architecture painting. Since not all have the luxury to enroll on a particular school with proper courses for such painting style, various professional artist and fine arts teachers have shared their knowledge on such painting design through the internet in order for others to know and learn. Most of the time, such online schooling may be given freely by professionals but there are also times where you need to pay for their teachings especially if such topic is very delicate and advance. In any given case, the creation of such online schooling does not only give helpful information for aspiring painters but it also gives them hope to continue pursuing their artistic dreams.

Like other painting types, architecture painting always stresses out the importance of learning the basics in order for aspiring students to familiarize the usefulness of every little detail. Since architecture painting uses different types of painting mediums, avid learners of such particular painting style will likely to learn architecture oil painting online, architecture watercolor painting online and others. With that, learners can surely built a specific painting skill that they can use to create an income in the near future.

Compared to normal classes, architecture painting online may skip a number of lessons in order for it to look simple for students or learners. Though it might seem a bit of a disadvantage, what is important is that student of this particular online class can grasp some important portions of the whole lesson as well as to established the basics for such painting style. With consistent practice and learning of architecture painting, there might become a time where an online student or learner can post its work to an architecture painting online store for selling purposes.

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