As Omicron Rises, Dominion Stage Postpones “Firebringer”

With cases of the highly contagious omicron variant COVID rising throughout the DC metro area, including breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated cast, Dominion Stage has decided to reschedule its production of the musical Stone Age. bringer of fire later in 2022 if conditions allow. The show was originally scheduled to open on January 21, 2022.

“Those [breakthrough cases] happened at a critical time in our rehearsal schedule…just weeks away from opening night,” says bringer of fire director Michael Page. “Some actors recover, and because the omicron variant is so easy to catch, the odds of others falling with it are extremely high. Better to postpone the show than run it without enough rehearsals or having to cancel performances.

bringer of fire was to be Dominion’s first musical production since Bloody, bloody Andrew Jackson in early 2020, just weeks before the first wave of COVID shut down productions around the world. As live theater has begun to return, the new omicron variant is taking its toll on actors in current productions. “In many professional companies, stunt doubles can step in when a key actor can’t play,” says Dominion Stage President Matthew Randall. “But stunt doubles are rare in community theater productions and bringer of fire is no exception. Director Page adds, “It’s also a show where each actor plays a named character who carries part of the story. There are no ensemble parts where someone could potentially play a bigger role.

Dominion Stage has successfully mounted two productions so far into their 72nd season. For The bluest eye in August and Five women wearing the same dress in November, the company followed a strict COVID protocol, requiring proof of vaccination for actors as well as transparent face shields worn during rehearsals and performances. Masks were required for the public, the crew and the reception staff. Both productions were well attended, with no cases of COVID reported by anyone associated with them. Starting with bringer of fire, proof of vaccination also had to be demanded of the audience, which many theater companies – professional and community – instituted as an added layer of security.

“It’s incredibly frustrating that COVID continues to be a factor with just weeks to go,” Page says. “The rehearsals were great, the sets are almost finished, we were well advanced. At least with a postponement, everyone’s hard work will still have a chance to be seen. »

Dominion Stage offers refunds for bringer of fire tickets already purchased and will reopen sales for the new performance dates once they are determined. For more information and for updates on the bringer of fire meet on the Dominion stage website.

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