teacher. Dr. Hülya Nutku Play Writing Competition Applications Continue

teacher. Dr. Hülya Nutku Play Writing Competition Applications Continue

Organized by the City Theaters of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality (İzBBŞT), Prof. Dr. Applications are continuing for the Hülya Nutku Play Writing Competition. The application deadline is March 1.

Theater researcher of the Municipal Theater of the Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir (İzBBŞT), who passed away in September, member of the advisory board of IzBBŞT and director of artistic communication, Professor Dr. The entries for the competition organized in partnership with İZELMAN to maintain living memory of Hülya Nutku will end on March 1. The aim of the competition is to introduce new writers to Turkish literature and theatre. kazanIzBBŞT, which determines the goal of creating, encouraging and giving rise to different perspectives in our national theater with new works, expects authors who produce works in Turkish to participate in the competition with their original, unpublished works , unpublished and non-award winning.

Coming March 20

Members of the selection committee Yücel Erten, Orhan Alkaya, Prof. Dr. Adnan Akyarlı, Eren Aysan, Hakan Meriçliler, Zeynep Nutku and Kadir Efe Oruç deserve to be ranked in the competition. kazanThe works and the owners of the works, Municipal Theaters of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZELMAN A.Ş. will be announced on their websites and social media accounts.

Owners of works wishing to participate in the competition can access the specifications at izmirsehirtiyatrolari.com and kultursanat.izmir.bel.tr.

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